Thursday, December 29, 2011

California Sunset





Me and my family went out for a walk at the beach, the weather has been pretty warm here and i'm loving it! except for the fact that i have some pretty cute winter clothes that are just too warm for California! anyway i snapped some pictures and decided to share with you all!

1- We were walking on the beach during sunset and the sun was like legit red! it was beautiful! it doesn't look as red in the picture though haha
2- I saw this drawing in the sand and it was incredible! i don't know who drew this, but this person must have been an artist :)
3- the same person probably drew this as well, i saw it right next to the first horse picture :)
4- Such pretty colors, i had to take a picture!


rohinie said...

lovely pictures dear:)))

do check my new post:)

inmyhansonshirt said...

These are all so so beautiful!

Kheira said...

Very nice pics! I hope one day I could travel to California !


Arden said...

This place is BEAUTIFUL, thanks for sharing... Happy New Year! xx

Clara Turbay said...

happy new year excellent blog keep walking!

Cathy said...

Beautiful pictures!

Mind checking out my blog? (:

Elizabeth Monroc said...

wowww you have a really beautiful bog in here =) you are very pretty
a talented photographer and so lucky to live in cali =)

Theonlyfashionprincess said...


charmant said...

Wow, California is really beautiful, I hope one day I could visit it!
That painted horse look nice.

Francesca R said...

You took amazing pictures sara!!! I am missing california so much!!!

Elsa Gervasi said...

Hi darling! I really love this post, the photos and your blog! Thanks a lot for your comment in mine. I follow you. A kiss :)

A. said...

Oh! nice photographs ;) do u want to visit my blog?


follow me!

Sophia said...

The sunset is absolutely gorgeous. Happy New Year, love!