Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dainty Dress





Dress- Jonathan Martin, Shoes- Marshall's, Sunglasses- Forever21

Summer so far has been quite...boring, all I've been doing is eating and watching movies (okay and some shopping) nothing too exciting, i have always wanted to go a road trip with friends but number 1-I'm too young according to my mom 2- I don't have a cool group of friends who are willing to do it haha what have you been up to during summer?


jas said...

beautiful dress!

MarieStella said...

love the print on your dress!! beautiful and so chic!!
3 giveaways on my blog:)

Misseblog said...

Gorgeous dress, such a lovely print x

Dilan Dilir said...

such a lovely dress! :D

Alexandra Marie said...

seriously gorgeous dress !

Alexandra Marie

Taylormarie said...

Gorgeous dress!

My summer hasn't been to great either girl :) Just working, and i totally agree on the road trip idea! I have wanted to do that ever since i watch the movie crossroads with Britney Spears! :D My mother says the same thing "You're too young!" sigh* Next year! haha

XoXo, Taylor

LaJune16 said...

Very nice :)
And beautiful blog

Mira said...

Cute look


Victoria said...

You look wonderful! I really love your heels :)

- Victoria

Grace said...

I've been at camp! Sorry to hear you've had a boring start to summer but it'll get better ;) especially with 4th of July coming up! Love your bright nailpolish!


Katie Q. said...

Wow. I am just so in love with your hair, it looks amazing!

Love this beautiful dress as well, the muted colors and the cut of it make it so special. And yes, road trips are way too much fun! I've always enjoyed them, the only time I don't like them is when you run into really bad weather. :P (Heh, or car problems!)

Analisa said...

That dress is so cute! I love the colors and how your nails and necklace matches it :D

Natali said...

I like your sunglasses and necklace a lot!
Thank you for visiting my blog, I appreciate it :)

Red Mera Vintage said...

Lovely dress!

Red Mera Vintage


Jessica said...

The dress is so adorable! That is a fabulous print! -Jessica


Miss Sultana said...

Love those shoes!