Sunday, June 3, 2012





Lace Top- Charlotte Russe, Tulle Skirt- Ebay

This is my last week of high school, i'm so overwhelmed and excited! I hear a lot of people say that high school was the best 4 years of their life. For me? i hope i have better years to come haha high school was just blah for me, i was never the kind of girl to go out and party and drink on weekends. I usually stayed home watching movies and eating popcorn or went out shopping with my family. haha anyway hope you enjoyed!


Ashley K said...

You look lovely! The lace and mint go so well together. I felt the same way about high school I thought it was quite dreadful to be honest. I didn't care for going out on weekends either. Much better times than that are in your future trust me I speak from experience :)

CarleeJ said...

Wow this is the first outfit that I have seen like this. Such a awesome mint shirt. I love this outfit. You are so naturally beautiful.

Crosswire Dreamers said...

This skirt is so pretty! You look great.


MarieStella said...

you look stunning!! i adore the lace and pearls!! amazing color on your romantic skirt!!

GLAMd0lll said...

Super cute outfit. I LOVE PEARLS!
& your eyebrows are gorgeous


Fashion With Ellie said...

You look gorgeous!!! Love this top and the skirt. So beautiful:)

I am following you back. You have such an amazing blog!!


PensiveFashionista said...

Very cute outfit. The skirt and the top compliment each other very well.

I wish you more fun in college.

I didn't go out as much as I thought I would during college but I still went out and had fun. I was also just as content to stay home, cuddle up with my dog, and watch a nice movie.

I definitely think there is a lot of hype around high school and college. For some people, they are the best years of their life but for me, I work on making every moment meaningful and memorable.

Sofia said...

So pretty! :)

Miss Betty Boop said...

I love your outfit here... so gentle and fairy alike :) love the blue pastel shade :)
I am now following you, thank you for your kind comment on my blog ;)
let's keep in touch ;)

Simone Diederich said...

Lovely top!

Chica de Ahora

aliciafashionista said...

Congratulations!!! I am absolutely loving everything about this look, so romantic and pretty. You look especially gorgeous in the first pic xo

Dana said...

lovely <3

melindaaa said...

congratulations on graduating highschool! personally, i had a lot more fun this year than in high school... anyway, everything about your outfit is perfect! i love it!

Grace said...

Congrats on graduating high school! I still have one more year and I am beyond thrilled to be a senior. You really DO look like a princess with that gorgeous skirt!


Sianna said...

The skirt is gorgeous! I love the color. I've seen these skirts on ebay and was thinking about buying one.

Jessica said...

I am in love with this outfit! I need to get a tulle skirt! LOVE, love, love! -Jessica


Phuong Stanyer said...

Wow! So breathtaking. I'm in love with that skirt and the lace top and layers of pearls adds the perfect touch to the outfit.