Friday, June 3, 2011

Vintage Love

Top- Thrifted/ Vintage
Bermuda Shorts- Ross
Floral Wedges- Kohl's
Purse- Juicy couture

This is the top that i was talking about in my previous post, i absolutely adore the peter pan collar, i seriously have been wanting either a dress or a top with that collar line, but again, i found it at a thrift store! plus it's vintage which makes it that much more better! hehe i guess my first thrift store shopping experience was a success, but i still have more to show you! which is the vintage pink blazer that i also mentioned in my previous post. I actually never even thought about shopping at a thrift store before i discovered fashion blogs, a lot of wonderful/ amazing fashion bloggers motivated me to go thrift store shopping because they have such amazing style/ cute clothes so thank you to all the fashion bloggers that go thrift store shopping haha, i wouldn't have found these amazing clothes at such amazing prices without you plus who can pass up vintage? not me. hehe hope you enjoyed and have a wonderful weekend!


Tootsie Jean said...

yes, thrift shops are really nice and you can save lots of money and go home with great items. I love the top, the collar is very nice.


Marta said...

Hi Sara!! Great look! I love vintage fashion. I´m following you now. Kisses

SoYesterday said...

I love that shirt! I also adore your bag! Such a cute outfit :)

SomeoneLikeYou said...

The collar on your shirt is just wonderful! It's also a huge bonus that this top was thrifted. Doesn't it make buying clothes just so much better when you thrift them?

Grace said...

You have SUCH gorgeous hair!! I love your purse and your top is so playful and colorful :)

vintageheirloom said...

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Rewind Vintage said...

sara i like it your look.
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mytrousseaus said...

sara your so awesome.
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Jumpo London said...

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Mini Moroc said...

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