Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring Romance

Leggings- Who knows?
Shoes- Target
Belt- Ross
Necklace- Gift :)

Hola! this is officially my first outfit post! i wore this outfit to school today, its definitely been feeling like spring here and im loving every second of it, except in the morning its a bit chilly but nothing too bad :) enjoy!


everyone calls me bon bon said...

Very cute! Gotta love Forever 21:-) xoxo

* said...

Love the pearls and florals combo!

stop by!

Minna said...

Such a cute outfit! :-)

fashionpart said...

Beautiful outfit!

We Can Pretend said...

just came across your blog! its soo cute, love it and ur style!

lets follow each other!

Jewelz said...

I like your hair...perfectly wavy :)


Check out my blog :)

Miranda said...

I love the pattern on the dress! And thanks for commenting on my blog :)