Friday, March 25, 2011

Let's put on a fashion show

Top- Charlotte Russe
Black Jeans- Macy's
Shoes- Ross
Bracelet- Target

Hey everyone! today i went to my schools fashion show! i was so excited and happy! because i never get to go to fashion shows plus I LOVE FASHION haha anyways it was good, they showed clothing for Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer, and Formal wear. it was also funny, the models were actually students and they kept doing funny poses to make us laugh :) there was this one guy that modeled while eating a sandwich lol. i hope you have an amazing weekend, enjoy!


Michelle said...

You go to a pretty cool school if it puts on a fashion show! How cool.

Annebeth said...

ooooh awesome, a fashion show! and you are just SUCH a pretty girl, I always love reading your posts just for the pretty smile :D

chloe said...

awww you're so cute, and the fashion show sounds like lot of fun! I love when they're funny about it :p

tishiannae said...

I love your sense of style, esp the other OOTD with the blazer and floral dress!

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Segments of Life said...

aww really cute outfit! I love the top! we have similar body types, so your dress sense is definitely applicable for me, as opposed to some super skiny, 6'0 european fashion bloggers out there, 'cause let's face it, how many of us can pull off what they wear?? :P
new follower :D