Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Lady in Red

Dress- Macy's, Leather Jacket- Levi's, Heels- Prabal Gurung for Target, Watch- Skagen, Bracelet- Charlotte Russe

I just bought this dress the other day because I spotted it on super sale and I just think it's so cute! the fit is flattering + I realized I don't own any red dresses in my closet and if I did I donated it to goodwill because it didn't fit right. I love this dress so much that I want to go back and get it in more colors! but I need to at least try and control my shopping addiction, it's gettin real bad! lol hope you enjoyed and have a wonderful day/night!


Ada Ciuca said...

What a cute dress! No need to control the addiction if you find peace in the super sale section :)


Laura Neuzeth said...

You look amazing! That red dress fits you perfectly. :-)


bestrong said...

amazing outfit , darling !
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Sampada said...

The cut on this dress!!! Amazing!
Love this classic look -- the strappy heels really make the outfit!


Nikki Williams said...

that dress is stunning!



John Marine said...

This red dress is beautiful. Paired with the shoes and the jacket, this is an edgy outfit that still remains chic. Well-styled!


Nora Aradi said...

your hair looks so pretty!