Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Marilyn Monroe






Marilyn Monroe T-Shirt- Walmart, Vest- DIY, Skirt- Marshall's, Shoes- Marshall's

I admire Marilyn Monroe a lot because she was just a very interesting person. She was happy, sad, confident, insecure, and very beautiful. She was adored by so many people and still is. Even though she passed away a long time ago, it still seems like she's alive because she's everywhere you go. I have two of my favorite quotes from her on the left side of my blog. The reason why i love these quotes is because i feel like i can relate to them a lot. And i'm sure many other girls do too. I also like the fact that she wasn't super skinny, she had a very feminine figure with her curves and it's a great example to so many girls out there. You don't have to be skinny to be beautiful, you also don't have to be curvy to be beautiful. Every body shape is beautiful as long as you love it and embrace it.

On another note, tomorrow i'm going on a school field trip to the Getty Paul museum in LA, I'm so excited and i'm probably going to be taking a bunch of pictures so if you would like, i would love to share them with you all! i hope you had a great day/night!


CarleeJ said...

Great outfit. I love your hair! It is gorgeous. Your sunglasses are also really great.

Carlee J


Tootsie Jean said...

this is so street style. I love it.


Heather said...

This outfit is awesome! Have fun on your trip:)

Jamie E. Anthony said...

marilyn monroe is definately an icon! love how you incorporated her into your look!


Katie Q. said...

You look so insanely glamourous here! Your hair looks fab(as always!) and I love the mix of the pretty ruffled skirt and the rocker tee!

Lilli said...

This shirt is so cute!!:) Cool look dear!:) Kisses!

Satin and Souffles said...

Love your outfit! Need that tee... Haha strange we would both pick her :) She is definitely my role model, glad shes one of yours too x


Bernadeth G. said...

great look, love the skirt! http://missbeatrix.blogspot.com/

Life's a shoe said...

LOVE your skirt!!!

PensiveFashionista said...

Your field trip sounds like a lot of fun. I can't wait to see pictures!

I love the mix of tough (the denim jacket) and girly (Marilyn Monroe t-shirt and your adorable skirt).

RochellekeCloset said...

lovely outfit! love your skirt

Petra Z. said...

Thanks for your lovely comment:)

I love the statements on your blog. Very inspirational in terms of being honest about yourself! You're showing cute outfits on your blog, so the urge of having to take pictures of them is definitely justified:)

Style Lounge

MarieAntoinette said...

Great top, you look great in it.
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Victoria said...

You look fabolous! I'm in love with your skirt.

- Victoria

Rachel said...

edgy and stylish! loving the ruffles on that skirt and the jean vest!

xo Rachel


Jeannee said...

Love her- love this look! There are many excellent MM resources ... I would definitely recommend the Marilyn Monroe encyclopedia, to start w/.

Audrey Leighton said...

Love the Marilyn shirt and loveeee how you styled it!

Be Frassy

SideSmile Style said...

love the denim vest ; ) cute look!

xo SideSmile,


M.W. said...

i love that skirt. cute blog.
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Marisa Violeta said...

Marylin was an amazing woman! That shirt of her is perfect, it looks lovely on that skirt! :)

erica marie said...

I love Marilyn, she was so beautiful. Love the ruffle skirt you paired your tee with.

xo erica

Ejnet (Aneta) said...

This outfit is gorgeous :))