Friday, November 18, 2011

Who am i?

Hello everyone! so i have had this blog for about a few months so far and i realized that i never share anything about my personality and who i am! today will be the day that you get to know me better :) so i decided to create a list of facts about me! hope you enjoy!


1- I am proudly a left-handed person
2- I like to eat. a lot.
3- I have passion for dance.
4- I have 2 brothers, and 1 sister.
5- I'm planning on going to college next year and major in either interior design, or fashion merchandising.
6- I'm Arabian, so i'm originally from the middle east.
7- I'm fluent in Arabic.
7- I live in California.
8- I have a pet cat named cat.
9- My mom's a ginger.
10- My favorite shows to watch are Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, Supernatural, Lost etc.
11- I'm kind of sort of maybe a little weird, let's be friends eh?

Thanks for reading! i think everybody should do a list of facts about themselves! if you have any questions, ask! just don't get too personal. ha.


Maria Elyse said...

It's so cool that you're Arabic! And I love that you have a pet cat named Cat, like from Breakfast at Tiffany's with Audrey Hepburn. :)

Loved reading more about you! :)

Maria Elyse
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Segments of Life said...

I would've never guessed that you're Arabic, but now that you mention it, I guess I see it now. Arab women are so beautiful and exotic, and they have the same big bold beautiful brown eyes :)

Francesca R said...

You live in California? That is so cool!!! I would never have guessed that you are arabic you know? That's why you are so beautiful!

Vale said...

amazing blog!!!i'm following you!!!if you like mine ,do the same!!


inmyhansonshirt said...

I love these facts! That is so cool that you can speak Arabic! Wow! Also, I love that picture of you - you have beautiful eyes!

Taylormarie said...

You're so Pretty sara!
Love the facts, especially your cats name :)
I love your blog, and it's really awesome to get to know you!

SomeoneLikeYou said...

I had no idea that you were Arabic! And it's so wonderful that you can speak Arabic fluently: I'm so jealous!

I loved this list of facts and learning more about you. You should definitely do it more often! xx

P.S. You have the most perfect eyebrows!

Cheeky Chic said...

hey just went rhough ur blog . amazing stuff. this "know me " post was super interesting ..and u are a real cute gal..keep doin good.:)

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Alex said...

you're so pretty!great blog!

cmisch said...

Gossip Girl = winning

I approve :)

By the way I am new to your blog!

Ashley, Lions Lace Lattes said...

We have a lot in common; I'm also Left handed, have 2 brothers and 1 sister, I WISH I lived in California, and I loooove Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars!

xo Ashley