Monday, May 30, 2011

Summer and Me

I have been thinking and wondering about what i'm going to do this summer, i really want it to be exciting and memorable. Here are some pictures i found on the internet that remind me of a perfect summer. Like traveling to an island, somewhere new and adventurous, or maybe even spending summer in Paris? i would love to be surrounded with beautiful fashion in such an inspiring city (my dream) and hopefully one day that day will come. The last picture has beautiful colors that were just so...inspiring, kind of reminds me of the 70's era. Last summer was kind of a bore for me, nothing really memorable happened. I just don't want this summer to be the same, i want to have an adventure and create memories while i'm still young and free. Hopefully something amazing will happen to me this summer, because i have been waiting for it, or even if it doesn't happen this summer, maybe just one day, any day. 

I realized that on my blog, you don't really get to know my personality a lot because i don't write much, i'm only showing you my style, even though my style is a big part of my personality, but i feel like i need to show you all something other than just my style, my actual personality. I am going to start writing more because i do love to write, it's just that sometimes i don't find the time or energy but since summer is coming along, i'm sure ill have time, and hopefully if i have any adventures ill be sure to tell you all :)


C▲RO said...

I love the paris shoot!

greetings from Germany x

Hannah Sullivan said...

I love your style! Its so unique! stop by and be sure to check out my first giveaway ! have a great day :)

NRC said...

love that watercolour!